Martinez, California


I play Grez Guitars made in Petaluma, CA
April Fools


CDs $15

(including shipping)

Kyle Jester: Guitars & Vocals

Brent Harding: Bass

Jerry McWorter: Drums

All Songs by Kyle Jester

Recorded by Kyle Jester at No Jestering Studios in Martinez, CA and by Guy Martin at Black Couch Studios in Ventura, CA. 


Mixed and mastered by Kyle at No Jestering with long distance advice from Christoffer Andersen.

Album photography by Wes Davis.

This one's for you, Gramps, we miss you.

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I came up in Southern California touring with Candye Kane, and playing blues with Thomas Yearsley, Billy Watson, & Freddie Brooks

Now I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and record whatever tickles my fancy at home. Sometimes that music is Jamaican-based.

I don't play live much but you can find me on most Northern California gigs with
Hot Roux and Billy Watson.


I am not on social media other than streaming services linked in the footer below.

After All This


CDs $12

(including shipping)

Kyle Jester: vocals & guitar on all songs

Christoffer Andersen: bass on all songs

Brian Cantrell: drums on all songs

Aki Kumar: harmonica on songs 1, 3, 6, 10, 13, 14

Sid Morris: piano on songs 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12

William Russ Jr., Ron E. Beck, Bryant A. Mills, Christoffer Andersen: background vocals on song 2   

Dennis Dove: background vocals on song 8

The Don Dally Orchestra: strings on song 11

Recorded mixed and mastered by Christoffer Andersen at Greaseland in San Jose, California.

Album photography by Wes Davis.

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